The Speaker


Minister Marco's seminars are FUN because he uses comedy to reach all audiences!


Forget boring and tedious talks from speakers who want you to become a replica of themselves.


When you go to any of Minister Marco's seminars, you will learn to BELIEVE in yourself.


Minister Marco won't teach you any techniques to sell products nor become rich and famous overnight.

These seminars were created to make you do the things you never thought you could do.

Success has always been confused with having economical freedom. True success is doing the things you love when you desire!

The Seminars


First of all, they're DYNAMIC and FUN!


You will learn a series of habits that has taken Minister Marco to go from being an "average Joe" to reach executive levels in all the companies he worked at and become a very successful person.

* What if I'm still in school?

* What if I'm married and already have children?

* What if I'm over 25?

* What if I'm overweight? 

* What if I'm broke?

* What if I come from a minority?


If you answer yes to any of the questions above...

Get ready to see what you are capable of.

If you own a company that is having personnel problems, a school that has high cases of bullying or if you are simply one of those individuals who are struggling in life...


Minister Marco's seminars will make you see life differently and get you ready to reach your dreams.

To learn more, please send us a message.