The Writer


Can you imagine the things Minister Marco have witnessed in over 7,700 weddings?


Ever since he did his first wedding, Minister Marco had the feeling that one day he would tell his story in a book. 


Every time he came back from a wedding that had something funny or outstanding, he wrote it in his journal.

This is the incredible journey that took Minister Marco from being an "average Joe" to become a Celebrity Wedding Minister who can speak six different languages and then become a Comedian who will ultimately ended up performing and taping comedy in Hollywood... Not once but Twice!

The Minister Diaries is a must if you are about to get married or would like to plan a wedding.

You will also read in detail all the pros and cons of a Destination Wedding.


Some of these compelling stories will help you save money and give you a very different view of what a Destination Wedding is all about.


Most wedding books out there have been written to help you plan your wedding.


The Minister Diaries, on the other hand... Is a gathering of real events that Minister Marco was part of them... All 7,500 of them!

To be published in December 2018

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